X-Linkr Update

While still working for the x-linkr plugin for content distribution, I decided to update this blog with video of control panel.

X-Linkr is content distribution service which is aimed to make your content viral in automated way. You can add articles, your youtube, slideshare or facebook pages and initiate complete content marketing lifecycle. Please look at the video below , which shows how to add and send content using the video


Please click here to contact me if you have any question, you can also use the following commenting system to ask questions. I’ll try to solve any questions ¬†you may have.


We are now updating xlinkr to provide you better service. I started this project 3 years ago and invested lot of time and money, now most of the issues seems to be resolved, but product designing and development has it’s own taste.. :).. However this journey has taught lot of lessons and I improved xlinkr service from beta version..

Some of the feature of the xlinkr are

  • Special algorithm to avoid content duplication
  • Ability to distribute your content to 100’s of other sites
  • X-Linkr will be free service so that user can submit content to share with others
  • It will be available in next 2 weeks.

Although, I’ll try my best to support the plugin and to keep it free of charge, how ever I appreciate your patience if it takes some extra time from my side to resolve your issues.